About Us

Goals of Althabet:

AlThabet International aims to find power solutions to meet the challenges and errors in the network and provide the best energy to drive devices and machines that need pure electricity.


Brief Introduction:

AlThabet International Company for Electricity is a private company 100%. Was established in 1997. It is a specialized company in the field of industrial electricity and is now one of the largest manufacturers and exporters in Syria for uninterruptible power products (UPS), STABILIZER. "TiE" is the most competitive brand in the Middle East.

We have three production and marketing centers that serve our customers with the best solutions as fast as possible. They are located in "Damascus, Syria" Aleppo, Syria "Cairo, Egypt"

We have gained wide recognition both at home and abroad for both quality and service, because of the following outstanding features:


Great feature:

We manufacture the internal components of the devices with the highest specifications in order to ensure the continuity of work and the lack of malfunction and almost all things are made by us and therefore all our products have the best quality control, the best cost control and the best dates for delivery of products.


Technical Team:

AlThabet International Electricity Company works with a team of experienced and experienced technical engineers to ensure that all customer and market requirements can be followed up with an ideal result.


Strong Technology Support:

AlThabet International Electricity has a permanent vision to develop its products and keep up with technology products in this field, there are employees who keep in contact with the most advanced technology in the world.